Obtain and SRO License in Switzerland With an Authorized Swiss SRO

Key Services:

  • SRO License in Switzerland, with broad authorizations
  • Asset Management Add-On is also possible

Why Obtain a Swiss SRO License?

Depending on your company’s activities, you might need to apply for an SRO License in Switzerland through membership with an officially recognized SRO. This membership is crucial for ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Such membership allows you to conduct many different types of financial services, as described in your business model.

Legal Framework in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the Anti-Money Laundering Act stipulates that financial intermediaries must become members of an SRO under civil law. This membership ensures compliance with due diligence requirements as an alternative to direct supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Financial intermediaries operating commercially must either hold a FINMA license or become members of an SRO recognized by FINMA. SRO regulations and amendments, approved by FINMA, define how affiliate financial intermediaries implement the legal requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Swiss companies are then able to conduct financial services globally, subject to cross-border rules and regulations.

Our Services at Swiss AMF AG

Swiss AMF Treuhand handles all the necessary requirements for clients needing to become members of an officially recognized SRO. We assist our clients in registering with an SRO and obtaining the SRO License Switzerland, which allows Swiss companies to conduct a broad array of financial services as a financial intermediary.

Why Choose Us?

  • Vast expertise in securing SRO License in Switzerland
  • Comprehensive service for SRO registration in Switzerland
  • Guidance on every aspect of the licensing process.

Secure your Swiss SRO License with Swiss AMF AG open your company up to Swiss and global financial services.

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