Swiss Licensed Fintech Company For Sale With Neo-Banking Services Software Platform

Swiss AMF is proud to announce its cutting edge Swiss Fintech company for sale, with a secure neo-banking services software platform.

Our Fintech company for sale is a licensed Swiss company (Parabanking/SRO license) that offers its users multiple digital banking services, including international transfers, IBAN accounts, debit cards, user-to-user money transfers, and more.

Explore the Future of Banking with Our Cutting-Edge FinTech Institution

Our sophisticated Swiss digital banking services company and platform is your gateway to a world of digital banking and banking services. Moreover, it’s more than just a financial business; it’s a strategic move towards financial innovation, allowing platform users to do all their banking in one place:

  1. send and receive international bank transfers
  2. send and receive instant money transfers
  3. open IBAN accounts for sending and receiving wire transfers (SEPA and SWIFT protocol), paying bills, savings
  4. order Mastercard or Visa debit cards for use globally
  5. Exchange between various currencies
  6. and more.

Indeed, this licensed Swiss Fintech company for sale offers all available banking services in one licensed Swiss company and platform, paving the way in the world of online banking.

This Fintech company for sale is a complete turn-key  setup, multi-function banking services payment service provider for sale, with a fintech platform developed utilizing all the latest security protocols.

Moreover, when we sell a company, we become long-term partners. This company is provided with all corporate administration functions in place, provided by our group. Its truly a turn-key offering, and most first year costs are paid up.

Swiss licensed Swiss company with multi-function Fintech digital banking services platform.

Fintech Company For Sale – Complete Turn-key delivery:

  • Licensed Swiss company with a highly secure FINTECH payment and banking services software platform and perpetual software license. No monthly software fees ever! Source code included.
  • Most first year costs are paid up.
  • The required Swiss resident director and the compliance officer are in place and will stay on after the sale to serve the new shareholders. Additionally, the purchaser can add its own directors to the company (foreign ok).
  • Swiss main telephone number and customisable PBX system.
  • All corporate administration is in place, including bookkeeping, compliance, and more.
  • NOTE: No customers or AUM


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Fintech Company for sale