Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Ensure your financial stability and meet all deadlines with the accounting and bookkeeping services Switzerland and abroad of Swiss AMF AG and its partners. Our group offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Effective financial management
  • Preparation of accurate financial statements and reports
  • Proficient financial accounting
  • Payroll services
  • Management of VAT, SUVA, AHV, and other accounts
  • Skilled representation before tax authorities

Especially for smaller size businesses, establishing an in-house accounting department can be financially burdensome.  Meanwhile, our tailored accounting and bookkeeping services are designed to match your company’s unique requirements, relieving you of financial management and oversight. Consequently, when launching your venture in Switzerland, rest assured that bookkeeping is one less concern on your plate when collaborating with Swiss AMF AG and its partners.

We go beyond mere document management. With an in-depth understanding of your business finances, our group provides invaluable advice, presenting an unbiased perspective of your operations.

Day-to-day business activities involve generating financial reports and statements that ensure your company’s compliance with all necessary financial aspects. These insights are pivotal for effective tax planning and offer a clear roadmap for future business growth and expansion.

When required, our group excels in representing you before tax authorities. Furthermore, our accounting experts remain well-versed in the pertinent legal considerations.

Incorporating top-tier accounting and bookkeeping services in Switzerland and abroad is indispensable for optimising your company’s performance. We specialise in delivering exceptional bookkeeping services and financial consultation to a wide array of small and medium-sized enterprises across diverse industries.


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Accounting and Bookkeeping Service for Switzerland and abroad